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New Project

Last Friday, I finished my project with the current client, after over two years. It's now in the capable hands of IBM India. Hopefully things go well for them. Ah, no, hopefully they call me back in a few months, at which stage I will double my charge rate!! So my next short task is to do a study on open source J2EE Enterprise Service Bus products. Ever used one, heard a report about one, etc., then please get in touch. So, on Friday, a friend sent me the following Dilbert, which was quite apt.

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Ant Farm

At the weekend, I was in the park playing with my son and he was intrigued by the beetles and ants. So we popped home, picked up some tupperware and a spoon and went back to get some ants to have our very own ant farm! They are in a tupperware container within a bath, so that if they do climb over the edge they won't be able to escape and scare my wife out of the house. See below for what it looks like. Anyway, its a bit like a fish tank in that its very relaxing to watch them building and feeding, etc. As I was watching them pulling a pupa from where I had tossed it out of the original tupperware container into their new home, it got me thinking. They can't see the bigger picture, yet they make a good job in getting there in the end... For example, they were pulling at this poor thing to try and get it over a blade of grass, but couldn't. So they went left, the long way round. They should have gone right! But there was no one there to guide them along the way. In the end however, they got to where they were going. Now, having turned left, I can't say that they didn't change their plans and continue going that way, because at this stage, there was no established ant hill, so they were just looking to see where everyone else was going I guess.…

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