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Global Data Consistency in Distributed (Microservice) Architectures

UPDATE: Now supports Spring and Spring Boot outside of a full Java EE sever. See new article for more details! UPDATE 2: See this new article for more details about using asynchronous calls to remote applications to guarantee global data consistency I've published a generic JCA resource adapter on Github available from Maven (ch.maxant:genericconnector-rar) with an Apache 2.0 licence. This let's you bind things like REST and SOAP web services into JTA transactions which are under the control of Java EE application servers. That makes it possible to build systems which guarantee data consistency, with as little boiler plate code as possible, very easily. Be sure to read the FAQ. Imagine the following scenario... Functional Requirements ... many pages of sleep inducing requirements... FR-4053: When the user clicks the "buy" button, the system should book the tickets, make a confirmed payment transaction with the acquirer and send a letter to the customer including their printed tickets and a receipt. ... many more requirements... Selected Non-Functional Requirements NFR-08: The tickets must be booked using NBS (the corporations "Nouvelle Booking System"), an HTTP SOAP Web Service deployed within the intranet. NFR-19: Output Management (printing and sending letters) must be done using COMS, a JSON/REST Service also deployed within the intranet. NFR-22: Payment must be done using our Partner's MMF (Make Money Fast) system, deployed in the internet and connected to using a VPN. NFR-34: The system must write sales order records to its own Oracle database. NFR-45: The data related to a…

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