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New to programming? Want to put your program into the cloud? Yeah, it’s not easy if you haven’t got a billion skills. That is primarily because we still build software using the wrong abstractions, and putting your code into the internet requires too many technical skills.

That is why we are raising the bar and with it, the abstraction level, so that you can program cool stuff and put have it run in the cloud without having to first achieve Software Wizardry Level 101.

The idea is to provide you with a command line interface (CLI) and a very small set of APIs (let’s call them the “nano-profile”) which can be used as the building blocks for your awesome ideas. Don’t forget to think big – that’s how companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Discord, etc. got started. It’s your generation that will bring the next big thing to the world!

Ready for early adopters! Beta now available: https://abstratium.dev