Month: July 2006


Been applying for contracts and got a phone call from an agent asking about my skills. "You have JMS skills I can see from your CV, but we are looking for 'JMS API'" she said. I went on to explain that API stood for Application Programming Interface, and that I had those skills. In fact, to have JMS skills as a developer, it means you have the API skills. They go hand in hand. "I see. OK, I will check with my colleague and we will be in touch". Why do recruitment agents screw around with us? They haven't been back in touch, and from her tone I could tell she wasn't interested, even though all my other skills matched quite well. It's like a salesman selling cars, but not knowing that PAS stands for Power Assisted Steering, or not knowing that it means that its related to the steering wheel. Come on, how do these guys get jobs!?  

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New Project

Last Friday, I finished my project with the current client, after over two years. It's now in the capable hands of IBM India. Hopefully things go well for them. Ah, no, hopefully they call me back in a few months, at which stage I will double my charge rate!! So my next short task is to do a study on open source J2EE Enterprise Service Bus products. Ever used one, heard a report about one, etc., then please get in touch. So, on Friday, a friend sent me the following Dilbert, which was quite apt.

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