Month: August 2011

Eclipse e4 – from Client to Server and back again with MVC

I recently participated in a course where we learned about Eclipse e4 development. It was all very interesting, especially the reliance on declarative services from OSGi. I decided to have a think about how to build a skeletal application which makes server calls, to show how I would design the application architecture and break the application into bundles (plugins/components). I also focused on MVC. The app is a simple realtime market place for selling animals. Users can view the details of animals which are for sale and then purchase any animal they like. They can also add their own animals to the market place for others to purchase. Here's what it looks like (the red text isn't part of the app!): The first step was to think about a few requirements, use cases and design points: Refresh List - reload the list of available animals by making a server call to the central database. The user can view the list of freshly loaded animals and by clicking on an animal they can view it's details, like price, age and name. Purchase Animal - While viewing an animals details, the user may attempt to purchase the animal. It is only an attempt, because in a concurrent system, another user may have already purchased the animal. The client only shows the last loaded state - there is no push notification mechanism from server to client to inform it that there has been a change in the central model. As such, the clients…

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