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Fullstack Developer and Software Architect

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I have many years of experience as a lead architect and SAFe systems architect, with experience in everything from synchronous monoliths to asynchronous microservices. I generally like to work on the technical side of things and I very much enjoy being able to help program the solutions I help to draught. I have accompanied clients through digital transformations, aiding them along the road to scalable agile robust self-healing landscapes.

Fullstack Development

I've worked with many frameworks spanning UIs, backends and many kinds of database. I've programmed rich clients, single page apps with Angular and Vue and old skool HTML sites with JQuery/CSS/Javascript. Backends are generally programmed with Java EE / Spring / Microprofile. I've built databases with hundreds of millions of rows and migrated databases with billions of rows. Solutions have also used Kafka, Elasticsearch and Json-enabled DBs.


Everyone has to start somewhere and at that time, you don't have over 20 years of experience to fall back on. You can profit from someone like me who has an interest in guiding you or your company into your future. Whether it is helping you with a personal goal to succeed as a lead developer and/or architect, or helping your company to transform a department struggling to deliver software into a lean software "factory" achieving objectives repeatedly.

Who is Ant?


I'm a passionate and partially obsessive software engineer and architect, always looking for a challenge that can be solved with an innovative or pragmatic solution. My aim is to ensure that my customers IT systems are designed, implemented and maintained to a level above and beyond my clients expectation.
Since 2015 I have worked as part of the team at Organit GmbH.

Ant Kutschera Chief

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Eleven Patterns, Problems & Solutions related to Microservices and in particular Distributed Architectures

The wish to fulfil certain system quality attributes lead us to choose microservice architectures, which by their very nature are distributed, meaning that calls between the services are effectively calls to remote processes. Even without considering microservices, we distribute software in order to meet scalability and availabilty requirements, which also causes calls to be remote. By choosing to […]

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