Month: August 2006


Today I moved to a new part of the building that has hot desks. "Choose the desk you want today" I was told.. Two minutes later, I was trying to find a network cable for my laptop. There are two machines sitting on the next desk, so I thought I could take one from there. but as they were on, I asked about it. "NO! They are production machines!!" came the horrored response. Bloody amateurs. I'm guessing one is the failover replication of the other or something good like that. The user used to log into them is called "CISOnline Update" (its a windows box, so you can see) - apparently they are an update of the system used by the call center and business partners to book shipments here (one of the biggest companies in the country I might add), probably rolled out to just some beta users or something... can you imagine it? I put a sign on them saying "Production Machines - do not turn off or disconnect". Wonder if that will help? Probably not, since now everyone know where to go to corrupt production, or steal commercially confidential data. *UPDATE* Network man came along the other day to patch in some more switches and didn't have a long enough cable. "Aha, I will take one of these..." he said looking at the ones sticking out the back of the production machines. "No!" I told him and explained. He didn't look surprised. Perhaps this is all a…

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