Oracles Sun Forums Are Crap

Rant Time:

I’ve run in with the forum moderators before, but this really winds me up. I searched on Google for “java open browser”, to remind myself which API to call to open the default browser, and the number one search result was this:

The answer is at the bottom of the page. Perfect. But then Darryl Burke comes along and locks the thread, because he reckons this latest posting is useless. Sorry, but Sun Forum Moderators don’t get the concept of how forums are searched and used! They once told me they lock the threads because they want you to post new threads.  I don’t have the time to make a new thread asking a question every time I can’t solve something, and then wait and hope someone with the answer comes along over the next few days – I want to search for it ,and find the answer immediately. If they keep locking threads, you end up with hundereds of old locked threads which don’t help anyone. What their vision is doing, is simply destroying the internet!

Idiots! And that is one reason I don’t post to their forums anymore – they are the losers, not me.