Month: September 2010

JAX-WS Payload Validation, and Websphere 7 Problems

A WSDL file contains a reference to an XSD document which defines the data structures which can be sent to the service over SOAP. In an XSD, you can define a Type for an element, or things like the elements cardinality, whether its optional or required, etc. When the web server hosting a web service is called, it receives a SOAP envelope which tells it which web service is being called. It could (and you might expect it does) validate the body of the SOAP message against the XSD in the WSDL... but it doesn't. Is this bad? Well, most clients will be generated from the WSDL, so you can assume that the type safety is respected. Saying that, it's not something the server can guarantee, so it needs to check that say a field that is supposed to contain a date, really does contain a date, and not some garbled text that is meant to be a date. But more importantly, something which a client does not guarantee, is whether all required fields in the data structure are actually present. To check this, you can validate incoming SOAP bodies against the XSD. The way to do this, is by using "Handlers". The JAX-WS specification defines two kinds, namely, SOAP Handlers and Logical Handlers. The SOAP kind is useful for accessing the raw SOAP envelope, for example to log the actual SOAP message. The logical kind is useful for accessing the payload as an XML document. To configure a handler,…

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How Brontosaurs kill Raptors

The board of a large organisation appoints a CIO who delegates technical decisions to his employees. In the Enterprise Architecture (EA) department, an expert on Business Intelligence (BI) decides that the strategy for this company is to have a single Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). This makes sense, because experience has shown that in the long run, it is cheaper and more efficient to build one Data Warehouse, rather than start by building "islands" and then later try to merge them together. In the mean time, some business people working for the company have rallied the budget holders, and started a project to build a new online sales application. They need to generate some reports based on the sales from this application, in order to set themselves targets and measure their performance. But, they are not experts when it comes to reporting. The business sector at which their application is aimed is cutting edge and brand new, so they don't know what to expect, they don't really know what kind of reports they will need, and they will certainly need to adapt to the market very quickly. A project team in the IT department then get the assignment to build the application, including the report generation. Also knowing little about reporting, they start talking to EA, who set up a meeting, between themselves, the development team, some people from the Quality Assurance (QA) department and some experts from the BI team. Hours of discussion later, they have made the following conclusions:…

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