Oldest non-recorded bug?

Can anyone beat this?

This morning I get in to find an email from a customer relating to a change we did for them. He is complaining that the quantities in the EDI file that we send to a business partner are wrong.

I investigate and surely enough, the code uses the wrong index – it’s always zero, not the loop index.

But strangely we didn’t change that code. So I checked source control, and its always been like that. In fact, there’s a comment a few lines up which a developer added in April 2003 to say he was adding this code and the indexes needed checking…

So amazingly this has been in production for 3 years. It’s an interface between the client and Woolworths in Australia – and apparently its one of the most business critical interfaces that the EAI team deals with, processing millions of dollars worth of orders each day… So you can see how important EAI is here…

Anyone have a bug that was discovered later?