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OSGi – Just another fad?

In the last few weeks I have heard the term OSGi come up more and more, and one blog posting I read suggested that it was the hot topic of 2008. So I started to research a little. I am currently working heavily with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform building applications which use services deployed to IBM WebSphere. Both these platforms are built up on OSGi (the standard) and both use Eclipse Equinox (an implementation of the standard). So it must be important right? Well you don't have to read too much before you start to get the feeling that you have been there and done that before. One aim of OSGi is to provide a micro kernel for deploying and managing services. Well, from a high level, JMX (MBeans) already does that. Not enough? Well there used to be a project called Apache Avalon Phoenix, which was a mirco kernal and although that project died and was resurrected as Loom from Codehaus (which incidentally has a very interesting history of Apache and Phoenix), it is still the basis of some big projects like the Apache James mail server. Other micro kernals? How about JBoss? There is a good blog article dicussing how JBoss has been based on a micro kernel for some time now. The idea is nothing new and in fact in their case, OSGi does not really go far enough that they could be solely based on it. Actually, doesn't the Java EE EJB specification let you…

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