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JSR-299 & @Produces

I've been reading JSR-299 and I have a few thoughts. First, a quote from chapter 1: "The use of these services significantly simplifies the task of creating Java EE applications by integrating the Java EE web tier with Java EE enterprise services. In particular, EJB components may be used as JSF managed beans, thus integrating the programming models of EJB and JSF." The second sentence made my ears prick up. Do I really want EJBs to be the backing beans of web pages? To me that sounds like one is mixing up responsibilities in MVC. Sure, there are people out there who say that an MVC Controller should be skinny and the model should be fat (youtube ad). Perhaps I'm old school, but I prefer my JSF page to have a backing bean which is my view model and deals with presentation specific logic, and when it needs transaction and security support, it can call through to an EJB which deals with more businessy things. The JSR then goes on to introduce the @Produces annotation. I don't like that annotation and the rest of this blog posting is about why. When I need an object, like a service or a resource, I can get the container to inject it for me. Typically, I use the @Inject, @EJB, @Resource or @PersistenceContext annotations. In the object which has such things injected, I can write code which uses those objects. I let the container compose my object using those pieces and other beans.…

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