Day: 5 June 2011

Non-blocking (NIO) Server Push and Servlet 3

In my previous blog posting, I wrote about what I would expect node.js to do in order to become mature. I introduced the idea of having a framework which lets you define a protocol and some handlers in order to let the developer concentrate on writing useful business software, rather than technical code, in a very similar manner to which Java EE does. And through that posting, I came to learn about a thing called Comet. I had stated that using a non-blocking server wouldn't really be any more useful than a blocking one in a typical web application (HTTP), and so I created an example based on my own protocol and a VOIP server, for streaming binary data to many concurrently connected clients. I have now read up on Comet and come to realise there is indeed a good case for having a non-blocking server in the web. That case is pushing data back to the client, like for continuously publishing latest stock prices. While this example could be solved using polling, true Comet uses long-polling or even better, full on push. A great introduction I read was here. The idea is that the client makes a call to the server and instead of the server returning data immediately, it keeps the connection open and returns data at some time in the future, potentially many times. This is not a new idea - the term Comet seems to have been invented in about 2006 and the article I refer…

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