Day: 21 June 2009

The Key to Maintenance is Compartmentalisation

Over the last couple of large projects I have noticed a trend in the way software developers/engineers/architects like to come out with statements like "that code is shit". I'm not just talking about me saying it, or how they react to the code that I write (come on, I write great code!). But general sweeping statements like this crop up all the time on these projects, related to everyones code. And managers then perpetuate these statements. I think the reason is easy to understand. When a developer takes over responsibility for some code they want to make it clear that any problems with that code are unrelated to them. They don't want to take responsibility for the code which someone else has written. Because writing code is inherently creative and the same functionality can be written many different ways, you are almost guaranteed that a developer taking over some code "would have written it differently". What I have also noticed is that the developers coming out with statements like this do not know or do not want to understand the conditions under which the code was originally written. As an architect, I realise there are many many factors which influence the creation of code, budget being a major one. What some developers also do not fully appreciate is that the perfect implementation not only doesn't exist (because every developer would do it differently) but that it often isn't required. The perfect solution considers many cases which don't need to be…

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