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Secure Remoting with Spring and JBoss

If you are faced with having to write a rich client application in a multi-tier Java EE environment, you will typically connect to the application server over RMI. In theory, you are meant to use the servers Application Client Container and deploy your application as a client in that container. You probably won't do that though, because the client container is unfriendly for many reasons: As an example, the WebSphere 6.1 Client Container is a 200 megabyte install, Client Containers tend to be started as batch commands which set up the environment in which your application will run. If you however have an application that is meant to be started with a sexy launcher, as is the case with Eclipse RCP applications, you will struggle to get the environment created properly by the launcher, and its not supported by the vendor anyway, If you need to connect to the server securely (ie. so that serverside you have a valid security context allowing you to authorise users to call given services), then I personally have never been able to get the security callback mechanism to work. Theoretically you can tell the container to call your code at the point which it logs on to the server in order to get the credentials (eg. you can pop up a little login window), For these reasons, I have never ever used a client container in a production environment. Instead I have repeatedly gone to the trouble of getting the client environment fit so…

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