Day: 8 May 2010

GlassFish 3 In 30 Minutes

The aim: Set up a simple Java EE 6 project on GlassFish v3 in no time at all. The project must include: email, JMS, JPA, web and EJB (session bean, message driven bean and a timer bean). It must also include security and transactions. Sounds like a lot, but thanks to Java Enterprise Edition version 6, setting up a project like this and configuring all the resources in the Application Server are really easy! I chose GlassFish because its open source, has a useful little Admin Console and I've never developed with it before. Before I started I downloaded Java SE 6 (update 20), Mysql Server, the Mysql JDBC Driver and the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse, which is a WTP Version of Eclipse 3.5.1 with some specific bundles for developing and deploying on GlassFish. The process I wanted to implement was simple: a user goes to a website, clicks a link to a secure page and logs in, after which a message is persisted to the database and an asynchronous email gets sent. The user is shown a confirmation. In the background theres also a task which reads new messages from the database and updates them so they are not processed a second time. The design was to use a servlet for calling a stateless session EJB, which persists a message using JPA and sends a JMS message to a message driven bean for asynchronous processing. The MDB sends an email. A timer EJB processes and updates any messages…

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